Cherish Lee

Cherish started writing songs for as long as she can remember and attended the prestigious Academy of Music and Performing Arts Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and continued singing, writing and performing all the way here to Nashville, TN!! 
Cherish has spent the last couple years of her life on the road performing with her Papa Bear, Johnny Lee. As she often says, "Y'all know his music from the motion picture "Urban Cowboy" (Lookin' For Love & Cherokee Fiddle)”.  She was honored when asked to perform on The Marie Osmond Show (Hallmark Channel) with proud mother, Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing of Dallas) watching from the audience.  She had the privilege of opening for the rock group, Jefferson Starship and making her debut at the infamous Country Music Festival, Stagecoach in 2012.  Cherish was thrilled to pieces when she made the Music Connection Magazine's Top Hot 100 Live Performers of 2012 & 2013. 

Cherish only arrived in Nashville 8 months ago and since has recorded a new EP with songs that reveal the many sides of her vibrant personality; and incredible blend of country, rock and pop tunes that keep you singing the catchy choruses over and over. She is now gearing up to release her new album and has penned several of the songs on this EP, produced by the Multi-Grammy Award winner Michael Omartian, including Producer of the Year.  Michael has produced albums for several artists including Christopher Cross, Clint Black, Donna Summer, Peter Cetera and Trisha Yearwood to name a few.

 “Cherish is not only immensely talented as a singer and songwriter, she is a delight to work with in the studio.Her musical instincts are spot on and her voice is full of character and soul.This is truly an artist on the rise.” -Michael Omartian
"It has been such an incredible experience working with Michael. His belief in my talent, passion for music and songwriting has truly been a blessing. I am where, I’m supposed to be!”- Cherish Lee

So you can imagine Cherish’s delight when she debuted this August at the infamous Bluebird Cafe with her co-writer Bill DiLuigi! 

Cherish's tattoos are as much a topic as is her talent and even writes about them in one of her songs entitled, “This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Country Song”.  She thought she would share a story behind one of them, "I think my favorite tattoo is actually one that I got with my Brother Bear. I woke him up one morning and told him that we were getting  tattoos. He hopped out of bed and said "I'm down. What are we getting?" I told him that we were getting the word "Strength" on our rib cage so no matter what, we knew that Strength was always on our side and that we were always there for each other."

Cherish loves God, her family and is so excited about this new album!  Her dream is not only to be an award winning artist but also to build a safe haven animal rescue - where all will be welcome.